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MADYARD - Always On MADYARD - Always On
Rs. 149.00

Product Description

Coz your MADMASK should be always on!
Keep it near you and available at all times. Prevent your mask from being lost or dirty. As long as you use MADYARDS, you don't have to think about where your mask should be placed.

Material - Premium soft touch elastic cord

Size- 20 inches

Estimated Delivery Time - 8 - 10 days

(Deliveries may take longer than usual due to the current situation.)
Please note, we are currently accepting orders from within India only.

Product Usage -
MADYARD is ideal for every day wear.
Wash your hands before wearing and after removing the MADYARD.
MADYARD can be gently washed and sanitized so that it can be effectively reused.
Do not squeeze the MADYARD after sanitizing/washing. Do not machine wash.
Dispose the MADMASK the moment you feel there is deterioration in quality.

(MADMASKS and MADYARDS cannot be returned or replaced.)



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